Being Joyful

What brings me joy? I pondered as I ask myself this question quietly. I then thought to myself about all the things that bring me joy. My family is number one on that list. Every time I see my children, I get in this state of happiness. I start to think about the first time I met my children one-by-one. The first time I seen their eyes, and the first time I held their tiny hands. I was in a state of pure joy and happiness. My husband brings me joy as well. When I think about all the things we’ve been through, I get in a joyful state just knowing that we have each other backs, and we will always be there for each other.
But then, I think to myself about all the things that brings ME joy within myself. I begin to point out the things that has brought me joy. One of the first things is when I give to others. Whether it’s my time or advice, I make sure I  give my energy into helping others. Another thing that brings me joy, is when I have the ability to inspire others. It could be a time where I’m telling my life story or working in my yard. To inspire others to do the right thing or to do anything they love, brings me pure happiness. What brings you joy? Comment below and share some of the things that bring you pure joy!

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Make It Happen

I am that person that makes things happen. If you read my blog post-New Year New Goals, I wrote about how I made a list of my goals, whether big or small, and tried to accomplish them. Well, I have a goal book where I write all my goals down and go back to read them to see which ones I’ve accomplished. Goal setting helps me make things happen. One of the goals that I’ve written down was to invest in myself. When I say invest, I meant by doing something that makes me happy. Well, I finally did it! I finally launched my candle store. For years now, I’ve wanted to do that, but on January 7, 2021, I registered my hobby as a business. See, when you sit and wonder how things will happen, you take time away from actually going after your goals. When you watch things happen, you are getting inspired to go after your dreams and goals, but when you make things happen, you are not letting anything stop you from accomplishing your goals. Every day you go hard to have everyone notice who you are!

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Be that person that MAKES it happen.

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Forgiving Yourself

Forgiving yourself when you know you have done wrong can be so hard. But it is something that you have to do to move forward. If not, whatever you did will hold you back in life. Acknowledging your wrongdoing is the first step to forgiving yourself. There was a time when I cried to myself in my room because I hurt myself for so many years. I never knew why I always felt lost, angry, and even confused and why it was hard for me to find my worth. But then I had that talk with myself, I knew what I need to do to get back on the right track. I had to forgive myself for allowing the things that happened to me, happen to me. Yes, I was young, but I am older now, and it’s time for me to admit to myself that I am sorry. Once I forgive myself, I felt so good. I felt free. I felt like I can take on the world. You can experience the same feeling too. Today forgive yourself so you can heal and thrive in life. Let nothing hold you back!

Grow Sunflower

Surround yourself with people that want the best for you. People that want to see you happy and doing good in life. Surround yourself with people that encourages you to keep going when you want to stop. Someone that’s is going to correct you, out of love, when you are wrong. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals that have the same mindset as you to become a better person.

Get rid of anyone that was always negative. Who always have that jealous spirit around them when you come around. Or that person that’s always gossiping about other people and telling other people business. If you have someone like this in your circle, please remove yourself right away! They want to bring you down because they do not want to grow as a person. They want to continue to act the way they want to act. They are not happy with themselves, so they need someone that has the same mindset as them. If not, they will try to overpower you, by bully you or will bribe you into buying things, if you agree with them and start thinking like them.

These people aren’t happy with themselves. Every day they look in the mirror and focus on how they can be damaging in someone’s life. The best way to go is to remove yourself and let that negative person heal. Sometimes, there are individuals that have no one in their corner that is positive. The best way to go is by yourself. Self will never hurt itself in the process of growing. Self will love you better than anyone else can. Let yourself be your motivation. Every day you get up, and you do something productive. Strive to learn something new about yourself every day. What are your likes/dislikes? What ticks you off, how can you handle your anger better. It starts with you! Let this be the last year you put up with any other negative individuals’ needs. Love yourself enough to know when to walk away and be happy.

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Having Faith

What is faith? Do I have faith? How can I have faith and know when I’m being faithful? I thought these thoughts to myself as I close my book I was indulging in. It took me into deep thought about having faith. That deep thought took me back to a time where I couldn’t do anything but have faith.

It was 11:00 pm and was getting off from my second job. This day was different from the other days. I was mentally tired of working two different jobs. I thought to myself “I can’t do this anymore”. I knew things were going to change and just had to be patient, but it was taking forever for that door to open. During that time in my life, I’d only felt two emotions: Sadness and Distress.

Sadness because I felt I couldn’t talk to anyone about the situation I was in. Distress because I felt like everyone was turning against me. I knew that depression was right around the corner and I had to then think about the total opposite of the negative thoughts and emotions. I started thinking about the things I am grateful for. With being grateful, became being patient. I have to be patient for things in my life to change. After patience came having faith. Having faith that everything will work out the way it is supposed to.

Finally came the time where that door opened for me to take the next step in life but that door didn’t look like the door I had envisioned. It was scary and left me feeling uncertain about moving forward. For four days straight I ignored the opened door because of one emotion: Fear.

Late one night while leaving from work, I told myself once again, “I can’t keep doing this”. On my way home I thought about the passage I remember reading in that same book:

“Faith is: That it’s not always in your hands or things dont always go the way you planned, but you have faith that there is a plan for you and you MUST follow your heart and believe in yourself NO matter what!”

                                                                     -Martina McBride

When I finally got home to my family that night, the look on their faces showed me how happy they were to see me, and from that moment I knew what I needed to do. I had to have faith that God has a plan for me. For me to get there, I have to have faith that God will guide me in the right direction. A week later my family and I decided to pack our things and head to Colorado. In Colorado, we didn’t know anyone there. We dont have any friends nor family that lived there that could help, but we knew that we had to have faith that everything will work out perfectly. We got settled on our own while being in a new state with new opportunities.

By walking with faith and not by sight help me to develop a new mindset on life. I have a quote that I remind myself whenever a challenging moment arises in my life: Have Faith! Have faith that God will guide you right where you need to be.

 Was there a time in your life where you had no choice but to have faith? If so, what happened? What lesson did you learn? How are you using what you learned in your life today? Everyone has a time when life throws you a moment where it challenges you to become a better person.

Don’t give up is the motto, and ALWAYS remember to #beboldstandbackup

Rules to Life

In life there are three rules you MUST follow. I know it might sound like these rules mean nothing, but in reality, they will help you understand this thing called life and help you grow as person.

Growing up I never had that positive role model to show me the correct way on how to live life. I had to learn the hard which is learning by example. I knew if I wanted to be anything in life, I had to work very hard. I follow these rules and I’m not where I want to be but I am so glad I’m not where I use to be.


Question of the Day

What motivates me to get out of bed in the morning is waking up seeing my family. There was a time when I went a whole month without seeing my family, which hurt me. So waking up seeing their faces lets me know that I can go on with my day being productive and positive.
Comment and let me know what motivates you every morning.


Positive Affirmation #4

When you get tired of hurting over what someone else did to you, you will stand up and say enough is enough! Only YOU can make that decision to open your eyes and see that you are worth more then what they are showing you. Only YOU will know that feeling for when its time to stand up and walk away. Only YOU will know when its time for you to dismiss anything that doesn’t bring you joy or happiness. Once YOU do finally stand to walk away, you have finally recognized your worth.
Know your worth, so other people won’t tell you or show you how much you are worth!



Are you surrounding yourself with people who genuinely love you? Support you? Believe in you? Are you taking care of yourself? Exercising? Eating healthy? Meditating? Are you getting the mental help that you need, or are you continuing to push it off, hoping that it will go away?
It all starts with you loving yourself. Loving yourself is very important! There were things I allowed to happen to me because I didn’t love myself. As I get older, I realize I am the only person that can show myself how to love myself.
Start loving yourself again. Do ALL the things that you love doing and have fun doing them! Do you like to write? Well, start writing! Do you like creating art? Well, learn how to become an artist. It starts with you. Make yourself happy!