About Me

My name is Mariah Taylor and I’m the creator of Everydaylyfe Inc. and Be Bold Stand Back Up.

I am a survivor of many heartfelt experiences. I’ve decided to share with the world on my first website (www.Everydaylyfe.org) everything I experience that was meant to break me down, how strong and courageous I am to not let it hold me down, and how I’m moving forward with my life, on a goal, to reach my full potential in life.

The idea of creating this blog is to give back knowledge and to help others who have been faced with a heartfelt experience. I know the feeling when you get knocked down by life, and you have no one to help you get back up or being on the brink of ending it all just so you can have peace.

With that, I’ve decided to come up with a blog to connect with individuals that are looking for motivational and inspirational articles and quotes. I’m here to help you overcome anything that is stopping you from moving forward with your life.

Thank you for your time and please visit my website www. Everydaylyfe.org to check out inspirational interviews.