Being Joyful

What brings me joy? I pondered as I ask myself this question quietly. I then thought to myself about all the things that bring me joy. My family is number one on that list. Every time I see my children, I get in this state of happiness. I start to think about the first time I met my children one-by-one. The first time I seen their eyes, and the first time I held their tiny hands. I was in a state of pure joy and happiness. My husband brings me joy as well. When I think about all the things we’ve been through, I get in a joyful state just knowing that we have each other backs, and we will always be there for each other.
But then, I think to myself about all the things that brings ME joy within myself. I begin to point out the things that has brought me joy. One of the first things is when I give to others. Whether it’s my time or advice, I make sure I  give my energy into helping others. Another thing that brings me joy, is when I have the ability to inspire others. It could be a time where I’m telling my life story or working in my yard. To inspire others to do the right thing or to do anything they love, brings me pure happiness. What brings you joy? Comment below and share some of the things that bring you pure joy!

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