Make It Happen

I am that person that makes things happen. If you read my blog post-New Year New Goals, I wrote about how I made a list of my goals, whether big or small, and tried to accomplish them. Well, I have a goal book where I write all my goals down and go back to read them to see which ones I’ve accomplished. Goal setting helps me make things happen. One of the goals that I’ve written down was to invest in myself. When I say invest, I meant by doing something that makes me happy. Well, I finally did it! I finally launched my candle store. For years now, I’ve wanted to do that, but on January 7, 2021, I registered my hobby as a business. See, when you sit and wonder how things will happen, you take time away from actually going after your goals. When you watch things happen, you are getting inspired to go after your dreams and goals, but when you make things happen, you are not letting anything stop you from accomplishing your goals. Every day you go hard to have everyone notice who you are!

If you haven’t been to B.B. SpaBoss candle shop, please visit it at and check it out. Find which scent you love and smell the freshness!

Be that person that MAKES it happen.

Remember to #beboldstandbackup

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