Make It Happen

I am that person that makes things happen. If you read my blog post-New Year New Goals, I wrote about how I made a list of my goals, whether big or small, and tried to accomplish them. Well, I have a goal book where I write all my goals down and go back to read them to see which ones I’ve accomplished. Goal setting helps me make things happen. One of the goals that I’ve written down was to invest in myself. When I say invest, I meant by doing something that makes me happy. Well, I finally did it! I finally launched my candle store. For years now, I’ve wanted to do that, but on January 7, 2021, I registered my hobby as a business. See, when you sit and wonder how things will happen, you take time away from actually going after your goals. When you watch things happen, you are getting inspired to go after your dreams and goals, but when you make things happen, you are not letting anything stop you from accomplishing your goals. Every day you go hard to have everyone notice who you are!

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Be that person that MAKES it happen.

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Forgiving Yourself

Forgiving yourself when you know you have done wrong can be so hard. But it is something that you have to do to move forward. If not, whatever you did will hold you back in life. Acknowledging your wrongdoing is the first step to forgiving yourself. There was a time when I cried to myself in my room because I hurt myself for so many years. I never knew why I always felt lost, angry, and even confused and why it was hard for me to find my worth. But then I had that talk with myself, I knew what I need to do to get back on the right track. I had to forgive myself for allowing the things that happened to me, happen to me. Yes, I was young, but I am older now, and it’s time for me to admit to myself that I am sorry. Once I forgive myself, I felt so good. I felt free. I felt like I can take on the world. You can experience the same feeling too. Today forgive yourself so you can heal and thrive in life. Let nothing hold you back!