Are you surrounding yourself with people who genuinely love you? Support you? Believe in you? Are you taking care of yourself? Exercising? Eating healthy? Meditating? Are you getting the mental help that you need, or are you continuing to push it off, hoping that it will go away?
It all starts with you loving yourself. Loving yourself is very important! There were things I allowed to happen to me because I didn’t love myself. As I get older, I realize I am the only person that can show myself how to love myself.
Start loving yourself again. Do ALL the things that you love doing and have fun doing them! Do you like to write? Well, start writing! Do you like creating art? Well, learn how to become an artist. It starts with you. Make yourself happy!


10 thoughts on “Love YOURSELF

    • I believe we know how to love ourselves. It might take time for us to realize how to love ourselves but once we realize it, it will change our lives. Its about accepting and not accepting. Accept that you know your worth! Accept that you are someone special! Dont allow anyone to be in your life that don’t love you or that dont encourage you. Once you know the differences, you will start to treat your self differently. You will start to love yourself again. You will start to know your worth and THAT is the first step to loving yourself.

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