Positive Affirmation #3

When I started BBSBU, I was uncertain. Uncertain that people wouldn’t support me. Uncertain that people would judge me. But most importantly, uncertain of myself. As I begin to show people who I am, that uncertainly began to fade. I started to open up about what made me, me. I began to gain confidence knowing I AM important. Knowing what I have to offer is what people need every day.

It all starts with you and how you view yourself. YOU have to tell yourself that you are important. You are the only person that can build your confidence. So when you are low on confidence, remind yourself these things to pick yourself back up:

1) Think positive about yourself

2)Be kind and generous

3) Set a small goal and achieve it.

4) Empower yourself

5) Last but surely isn’t least, Be grateful!

If you do all these things, you can boost your confidence in no time!


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