Hard work DOES pay off

Its been a while since I updated my site, and I’m here to tell you that I have been busy. My husband and I have been in work mode to accomplish our goal of becoming a nonprofit charitable organization. For the past 3 months we were working on this lengthy and very detailed application, and was tested multiple times. I had to make a business trip back to my hometown where most of my relatives didn’t want to see me because of my mini but not finish segments interviews of my past. A potential partner bag out of the project and was only my husband and I left on the board.

At that time, so much was going on. I’ve wondered why were people so upset with me and why did our partner decided to go his own ways after almost completing our tax-exempt status. So much was going on in my tiny head, that I got a little discourage. Then I looked back on my life and seen how far I came. From sleeping in my car, to becoming my OWN boss, I have no right to be down and feeling helpless. With that small prep talk I gave myself, I then realize who was important. The family members that didn’t speak to me, indecisive business partner, or my family and I.

Of course there are going to be family members, that don’t want to agree with you on YOUR vision. Of course there will strangers that will not get the concept of your dream and I’m here to tell you that is fine. Say what now Mariah? Yes it is perfectly fine, because at the end of the day, the path that you are headed down is the path GOD has specifically planned out for you. Trust me you will get discourage, but what you do after that is what really counts. Turn that discouragement into motivation. I did it and guess what, I’m am the Vice-President of my own company!

I know people that have goals and dreams that they will like to accomplish, but don’t have the support to keep moving along. Be your own cheerleader! I want to hear from you guys. Tell me a time where you were on that path to success, and someone hop off, or you didn’t have that support group. I want you to tell me what motivated you to keep moving forward.

*Don’t give up is the motto and ALWAYS remember to beboldstandbackup!*

One thought on “Hard work DOES pay off

  1. Yes hunny, earn what’s yours! Separation is natural and is a part of our walk. It is unfortunate when even our own family members begin to walk away from us but God uses this to teach us how to love unconditionally. Not everyone sees your vision for what it is and that’s okay because as long as God appoints it, no other opinion matters ❣️

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