Humanitarian – A person who works to make other peoples lives better.


A humanitarian donated a large sum of donations to Everydaylyfe Inc., to help all the disadvantaged people in the local community.

*Now that I came up with an example, its time for you to put your creative skills to use and come up with your very own example of the word humanitarian. Remember to come up with unique sentences to use in your everyday life.


Word of the Week!

Unbridled – not controlled or limited: done, felt, or expressed in a free and uncontrolled way.

My unbridled ambition led me to success since I stepped out on faith, and didn’t let anything hold me back from reaching my dreams.

*Now that I came up with my example of the term unbridled, it’s your turn! Remember to come up with unique sentences or ways to use this term in your everyday life. #beboldstandbackup

New Year New Goals

Its 2018!! Isn’t that wonderful!! I’ve made it through another crazy year, but the good thing is, I’m still here, and I’m here with goals. I know a lot of people want to set goals dealing with weight loss, or purchasing a new item. But what happen if you make it your goal to become a better person. Well now you can. Even though we are in the 3rd month of 2018, you can still set those wonderful goals you always wanted to accomplish. Before I became serious about becoming an entrepreneur, I always had goals I wanted to accomplish, but became busy with my family and this thing called life, that I kinda put them on the back burner. It was this one goal I wrote down and shared with my husband, the joy of investing in ourselves. At that time it seemed impossible because of my financial situation, but when God has a plan for you no one can STOP that. Couple months after I spoke that goal into existence, we were blessed with the opportunity to do just that. Invest in ourselves.

You can do just that as well. I know that you guys have crazy days where sometimes you are not sure how you going to survive, but pick out a time where you aren’t too busy, to sit down and write out your goals. I know a lot of people have goals that might take a couple years to accomplish, but try to focus on just this year goals. Once you made your goal list, review them and then apply them to your everyday life. Some might have smaller goals, and that’s fine. The best way is to start off small, so accomplishing them would take no time. If you have big goals, DON’T GIVE UP!! I know it might seem impossible to complete, but believe me, if you continue to keep forth with your goal, you will be happier then ever. Knowing that you have faith to not give up and to keep chugging along, is an amazing feeling.

Now I want to hear from you guys. Whether your goals are small or big, I want you to share them! Don’t give up is the motto and ALWAYS remember to beboldstandbackup!!

The Beginning


I’m Mariah Taylor and I’m the creator of BBSBU (Be Bold Stand Back Up) blog. I am a mother of 3 and a wife to 1. (Lol)  I am someone special, sent from heaven, to help people become the best at being and finding themselves. I am a new entrepreneur and still trying to get this business career done pact. I know just a few things by working for my mom who has a growing business herself. With watching her hard work and determination, I was able to imply what I got to see, into my own business. With that, I stepped out on faith, and my husband and I launch our first website called Everydaylyfe.org. We wanted to help individuals that have dealt with any type of hardships in their life, to help them move past it, by letting go so that they can move forward down the right path for a bright future.

My husband and I got a chance to share our story with the world, on how we had difficult obstacles from childhood all the way to adulthood. We shared how the process was when we got knocked down and we talk about how we overcame our hardships by not giving up but moving forward to still accomplish our goals. We wanted to let individuals know along with showing people, that it is possible to remain strong while going through your hardships. Also, those hardships don’t last long, so there is no reason to give up that quick when things aren’t going the right way or the way you planned them.

When my family and I first moved to Colorado, we didn’t know anyone. At that time we were homeless and living in our car. Of course, it was not planned, but GOD had other plans for my family and I.  I could have given up because I didn’t have this or that, but I trusted that little faith the size of a muster seed, that everything was going to be okay for me and my family. Or there was a time where everyone in the family thought that I was losing my mind by sharing with the world, family secrets. A lot of my family members didn’t think it was appropriate to reveal everything that happened to me, but I had to step out on faith again, to show people that it wasn’t about getting back at all the people that have done me wrong, but simply acknowledging what happened, freeing it from my spirit, so I can move forward with my life. I want people to know that some hardships that we’ve encountered have the power to hold us back in life and that’s why I want individuals to reach their full potential.

My purpose for this website is to simply inspire and motivate EVERYONE. I want people to know sometimes without even knowing, that your past can weight you down and can hinder you from reaching you full potiental. I want people to come to BBSBU unsure, stressed, discouraged and just not knowing what the next move is and to leave BBSBU fulfilled, inspired, motivated, and willingness to improve and change the way they live. I also want people to know that its okay to get knocked down. It’s life that is what going to happen, but I want people to also know, that when you get knocked down, it’s even awesome to not let it stop you. It’s important that you keep going and growing.

I have so much planned and I can’t wait to start helping individuals become a better them. With inspirational quotes and articles, individuals can come and express their own opinions and in the process inspire others on what they have learned with this thing called life. Stay tuned for more. Always remember to BeBoldStandBackUp!!